Tattoo Dreams

Patricia Hecker’s story boxes are handcrafted in cherry wood and embellished with iconic images of modern culture. The messages convey hope, creativity, laughter, healing, music, art and so much more.

Lon Haywood

For many years Lon made furniture, especially Shaker reproduction, in his Lafayette, Indiana, shop. Then after retiring from Eli Lilly, he began to spend much of his time as his lathe turning wood. His work now has become almost exclusively limited to the production of ornamental turnings. Using only salvaged wood native to Indiana, Lon utilizes burl, bark intrusions, and spalted or unusually grained wood in creating his one of a kind pieces. In 1996 he and his wife, Carol, moved from Lafayette to the beautiful hills of southern Indiana, settling near Bloomington. Lon set up his shop on Paul Street in the town of Ellettsville, where he now creates his turnings. Often received as welcomed gifts, his work is now displayed in homes all over the world.

Refined Rustic

Refined Rustic is Pre-Colonial Revival Twig Furniture made by artists Rob Mills and Walt Schmidt. All pieces are made from sustainably harvested Indiana hardwoods.

Stephen Rapp

Stephen Rapp’s boxes are a museum of Earth’s wonders, each with a unique fingerprint. Wood is the medium with emphasis on minerals, fossils, artifacts, and sea life. Most significant is the ability to manipulate these natural wonders of our earth into a visual metaphor, expressing his vision of nature’s beauty.

Out of the Woods

Jim and Linda Deardorff work with Oregon Alder, a rapidly growing hardwood. Each piece of wood is carefully selected from forests on the Oregon Coast for its shape and markings, then dried. They are finished with tung oil and will provide years of enjoyment while bringing the natural environment ‘out of the woods’ and into the home.

Centennial Craftsman

Since 1999 Stan and Emilee Roark have been building arts and crafts furnishings. They design and craft in the method of the great furniture makers of our grandfather’s time. They welcome custom work and new ideas alike.

Joe Henderson

Joe creates sculptural clocks from woods found mostly in Brown County, IN. Sections of dead trees are chainsawn to a size that can be handled in his shop, then bandsawn freehand, and sanded with air drum and various sanders. Joe completes each pieces with a wipe-on varnish which allows him to achieve a very smooth finish.