July 7th: Quiet Observation

Mary Uthuppuru Slider

With an attraction to the natural world Mary Uthuppuru has had to develop a way to cope with the perceived unfairness of Mother Nature. It was tempting to listen to the turtle inside that encouraged her to close up in her shell and hide in the nearest book from things that were scary. As a child, she liked two things above most: reading and playing in the dirt. Over time, Mary discovered a love for uncovering the mysterious intricacies of human, plant, and animal behavior. It is now with moxy that she learns as much as she can about the world around her. Literature has been a reliable source with which to understand society, but to appreciate nature, she creates artwork. Within her work are little exercises of exploration where she examines the things that she wants to understand better. Artists’ books allow Mary to create environments within which the viewer can contemplate or unearth ideas. Straying from traditional book formats allows these experiences and ideas to unfold in response to the person interacting with them.

Opening Reception: Friday, July 7th, 5-8 PM

On Display: July 7th – August 9th