3D/Mixed Media

Dale Enochs

Ultimately Dale, a sculptor and print-maker, believes that art has the power to address people on many levels. Art has the potential to bring images and ideas together making them whole. Art also has the potential to bring people together and speak of their shared ideals. These challenges are at the heart of what motivates the work that he does.

Moe’s Ache Studio

Cappi Phillips’s mixed media work reflects a desire to reinvent every day objects. Basic shapes are often modified through the addition of plaster & thin-set. Incorporating a variety of recycled materials along with touch of humor, she creates one of a kind sculpture for the home and garden using innovative mosaic techniques.

Sue Westhues

Sue lives just outside of Bloomington, IN, and has been working with gourds for over 20 years. From the time she grew her first gourd, she recognized them as the perfect art medium. They combine her interest in growing with creating, and are a fascinating and constant source of fun and inspiration.

Donna Cooney

Donna Cooney creates reversible flower petal bowls and coffee cuffs in batik fabrics. The large petal bowls make lovely center peices, while the smaller square and rectangular bowls are ideal for woman’s hair clips or jewelry. Reverse them periodically for a different feel. The reusable coffee cuffs with velcro closure, can also add spice to a wine bottle presentation.

Janet Helber Parker

Janet designs her dolls in a whimsical vintage 1930’s and 1940’s era style, using quality cotton fabrics, wool yarn hair, hand embroidery on their faces, and trimmings of antique lace, buttons, rick rack, and ribbons. She makes them herself, by hand. Each one is different. The dolls are washable, and directions for their care are written on the tag. She likes to think that her dolls will be a much loved, lifelong friend for a child.Janet also creates hand drawn and individually cut cards, as well as patchwork piece pot holders, purses, cushions, and drawstring bags. In the winter she even crochets warm wool hats in a variety of colors and patterns.