Dawn Rivera

Dawn Rivera is a fused glass artist from Indianapolis, IN. Her work is decorative and functional glass including cheese plates, bowls, dishes, and sculptures. She designs all of her work from start to finish so each piece is original and unique in design.

Abby Gitlitz

Abby Gitlitz is a glass artist who works with blown glass, stained glass, cast glass as well as painting on glass. She is influenced by the picture books of her childhood with their sense of play and possibility, and the magical realism of Mexican artists of the mid 20th century. Her color palette reflects the time she has spent in Latin America where the general thought on color and pattern is more is more!

Jacques Bachelier

Jacques makes his art work three-dimensional by incorporating glass, brass, and copper into his pieces. In some of his work he engineers revolving and movable elements and in all of his work her uses a vivid use of color. Jacques feels that his work reflects his personal viewpoint about life and that his themes mirror his attitudes.

Midas Glass

Michael Bell uses lampworked borosilicate glass to create blown vessels, ornaments, and flameworked sculpture, all hand-formed or blown at the torch.

Glass Eye

The artists at Glass Eye Studio have years of experience creating and producing glass. Our team brings experience from around the country and the world. As a team beauty is created through the unique process of molten glass. Glass Eye Studio established in 1978, has provided consistent employment and artistic opportunity for many glass artists. Seattle is a famous for blown glass and we are fortunate to have the resources of talented glass artists and designers.