Suzanne Halvorson

Suzanne Halvorson is known for her luxurious double weave scarves. These scarves are multi-layers of the finest rayon, silk, and merino yarns available. Some are hand-painted warps, which make each scarf unique as the ribbons of color float on a chenille background. The technique which Suzanne has developed has been praised by Textile artist Jack Lenore Larsen, whose collection includes one of her creations.

Linda Knudsen

Linda’s current scarf collection is heavily influenced by the work of Josef Albers, a Bauhaus artist and designer of the Twentieth Century. She works to keep her designs bold but uncomplicated as Albers did so that the interaction of color remains the focus of each scarf.

She uses acid based dyes on Habotai silk using the Shibori method of clamping. A repetitive pattern is first created and then over stamping is done with fabric inks. Both acid dyes and fabric ink produce vivid colors that are very wash fast in cold water.

Carolynne Gieryn

Carolynne designs and hand knits sweaters, jackets, hats, socks, and scarves for adults and children. She primarily uses natural fibers with a goal to create beautiful, colorful, and useful items.

Martina Celerin

Martina is a fiber artist, creating 3-dimensional weaving-felting fusions using reclaimed and recycled materials. She loves to create tapestries that are stories of the world around her – people she has met, places she has been, and things that make her smile.

Lynne Mikolon

Lynne creates woven, felted, and quilted bags, as well as appliqued fleece hats. Her fleece hats are warm, washable, and come in a variety of colors & sizes, both for children and adults.

Tova Lesko

Currently, Tova is exploring the possibility of using mushrooms and other naturally occurring materials to obtain dyes, which she then translates into shibori stitch-resisted patterns on silk and color block weavings. By doing this Tova is able to unite her love of mycology, natural dyes, and color theory into a singularity that can then be shared with and experienced by others.