Joanne Shank

Joanne is endlessly intrigued with nature and focuses most of her paintings on birds and vegetation. Her work is influenced by classes taken with several Chinese artists. The use of the bamboo brush on rice paper and minimal brush strokes lends itself to the freshness of the subject. More recently, she is returning to traditional watercolors on watercolor paper and is enjoying exploring the fluidity of the medium, always seeking to capture the energy of the moment in nature’s ever changing imagery. Commissions are always welcome.

Carol Koetke

Carol is a Bloomington artist who wants her photographs to look painterly and abstract as they communicate the beautiful and thought-provoking things that surround her. Her goal is to share her perceptions and visualizations with people so that they too will think, wonder, and remember the imagery that she sees.

Randall Shedd

Randall Shedd’s photos are created from fresh flowers that are backlit with powerful lighting to give them a translucent appearance. Anywhere from one to seven layers are sandwiched together to make the final image. The photos are then printed digitally on archival paper.

Dawn Adams

Dawn wants those who view her work to be emotionally soothed by the image. For this task she has chosen the subject of water. What a limitless subject. It can be pushed to the abstract. It can be monochromatic or full of color. It can change the look of the world we see around it. She believes the look and sound of water is healing, and many forms of water can accomplish this. Lakes, oceans, streambeds, marshes, quarries,and the reflections in them are represented in her images.

Bussert Images

Sharon and Jessica Bussert are photographers from the beautiful hills of Brown County, IN. As well as living in an area that is rich in natural beauty, they also travel extensively and photograph scenes in Europe, Asia, and across the United States.

Bonnie Gordon Lucas

Bonnie Gordon Lucas is an artist, illustrator, and visual communicator. Whimsical words and imagination define her style. Her paintings are inspired by song titles, famous quotes, twisted misquotes, limericks, lyrics, and poems. Her works include books, framed 3D pieces, cards, and children’s clothing.

Mary Hambly

Mary Hambly’s work involves stenciled, marbled, printed, and over-dyed papers that are cut, pieced, and then stitched into blocks using a zig-zag sewing machine. Her repeating patterns and the rich, exotic papers that she uses create complex and unique combinations of color, texture, and pattern.

Scott Johnson

Limited edition astrophotographs are made in Scott’s Monroe County based observatory using telescopes and digital cameras. By using long exposure times and specialized equipment, Scott is able to create finely detailed, color images of deep space.

Mark Riggins

Mark is a lifelong resident of Bloomington and has been interested in creating artwork in various media all his life, but began work in pen and ink in 1980. Most of the subjects of his drawings are the structures and scenes in Bloomington and southern Indiana. The objective of his work is to provide artistic vision of subjects that have fond memories for his clients. In some cases he creates one of a kind commissioned works, but often they are subjects used to provide limited edition prints that many can own and enjoy.

Sara Steffey McQueen

Sara’s art is an expression of her love of nature and a reflection of her lifestyle as a gardener, mother, art teacher, and creative spirit. She loves to paint, create papers and prints, and because of her diverse approaches to media and subject, her styles are varied. She is comfortable flowing between inner and outer landscapes. Some of her work is abstract and yet one of her favorite things is to sit out in nature painting from the Source. Sara’s work is published in Artistic Touch 6 , and she has shown regionally for decades. She received two Lilly Teacher Creativity Fellowships and a purchase award from McNeese 5th Works for Paper.

Tricia Wente

Tricia specializes in fine art portraiture in oils, acrylics and pastels, having created hundreds of commissions for private and public collections over the course of a 40 year career. Currently, the artist works from her Bloomington, IN studio for clients from all areas of the country. Commissioned paintings are arranged by individuals, families or corporations, and all levels of pricing options are available.Tricia’s landscapes are produced for gallery shows, created in either watercolors or acrylics, and are painted in a wide range of sizes. Her inspiration for these images are her impressions of the scenes she encounters on her travels, painted plein air or in studio.

Linda Oliver

Linda Oliver started as a watercolor and mixed media artist in Placerville, California in 1999. In 2007 she moved to Indiana to be closer to family and she discovered alcohol inks which are more vibrant in color and can be painted on any synthetic paper or glossy papers,tile, metal, glass, acetate, shrink plastic, and other shiny substrates . Linda paints mostly on yupo and tiles. In 2015 she and her husband moved from Carmel, Indiana to St Petersburg , Florida. She shows her art in California, Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida.

Sara Hatch

Sara Hatch believes that her paintings are a result of her personal philosophy of life. Her paintings reflect the positive outlook that she has about the fate of mankind. She chooses bright colors, movement, and patterns to reflect her philosophy of joy and spirituality.